Parish Office/Rectory Staff:


Alice Atwell, Business Manager
Kim Cline, Catering/Housekeeping
Martin Cline, Maintenance
Sylvia Heskett, Saturday Receptionist
Pat McDonald, Secretary/Receptionist
The following staff members work from outside the office:

Spencer Huston, Music, 913.406.9018
Barbara Cosgrove, Wedding Coordinator, 816.820.1826

Ministry Leads:

Parish Council President, Patty Acton, 913.638.3434
Finance Committee Chairman, Frank Uryasz, 816.756.5888
C.C.D. Coordinator, Amy Acosta, 816.337.2900
R.C.I.A., Fr. Terry McCloskey, C.Ss.R., 816.561.3771
Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts, Barbara Cosgrove, 816.756.1505
Altar Rosary Society, Amy Acosta, 816.337.2900

Diocesan Contacts:

Jenifer Valenti, Diocesan Ombudsman, 816.812.2500
Kathleen Chastain, Diocesan Victim Advocate, 816.392.0011,