Altar and Rosary Society

Altar and Rosary Society

The Altar & Rosary Society is one of the oldest organizations in the Parish. It is comprised of women and men who join in serving our Church parish. Our main focus is to foster in its members an ardent devotion, reverence and filial love towards Jesus Christ and thereby assist them in becoming good Catholics bent upon sanctifying themselves and their neighbors; to promote public worship; to give edification by receiving Holy Communion monthly in a body, thereby increasing spiritual benefits; and to participate in all Parish activities recommended by the Pastor. To promote awareness of the Rosary; to care for immediate needs of the altar and to supply the needs of the sacristy.

    Additionally, the Altar & Rosary Society is the philanthropic arm for donating to a variety of projects and causes that promotes our Catholic Christian beliefs to make positive differences in families, schools, and communities

We hold special events:

    • Annual Fundraiser combined with a Bake Sale in November 

    • Woven Palm Crosses for Palm Sunday 

    • Carnation Sale for Right to Life on Mother’s Day 

    • Shoe Box Shower for women and children in shelters in March 

    • Baby Clothes Drive for Birthright in December

    The membership monies, along with donations, and fundraisers have enabled us to purchase chalices for the Eucharistic Ministers use at the Masses, new albs for our Priests, Purificators, Missalette covers, the Paschal Candle, silk flowers for the Altar, cleaning of the Priests vestments and the Altar Servers vestments, fund part of the Lenten display in church and host a Christmas party for a charitable organization just to name a few things we have accomplished.

    We meet on the second Sunday of the month after the 9:30 a.m. Mass in the banquet hall.